Addison Eighty50 is a SNAPPT income-verified community.

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Name-That-Tune Music Trivia at Kilted Buffalo Plaza Midwood for the month of February! Top 3 teams win gift cards – FREE TO PLAY!!!

About this Event

Join us every Thursday for the month of February at Kilted Buffalo Plaza Midwood for Drinkin’ N Thinkin’ Music Trivia! 4 rounds of Name-That-Tune Music Trivia and a Final Bonus (with a Wager Format).

Top 3 Teams win Gift Cards!

1st Place $25 // 2nd Place $15 // 3rd Place $10

Free to play and show starts at 7:30pm!

We hope our residents here at The Addison Eighty50 can go and have a wonderful time with chances to win prizes.